Hi, I'm Hannah

Your local regenerative farmer
Hannah at the Gardens, a first generation farmer and global agriculture storyteller at Shepard Camp in Montana

Struggling to find quality food for your family?

You’ve come to the right place.

This is what happens when the farmer cares for and respects the animals and the land:

Food tastes better.

Nutrient-dense food that
makes you feel better,
offers connection to the farm,
and stewards the land the way god intended.

Our globally inspired farm mission

After spending several years abroad, I couldn’t get over this –

Cultures around the world prioritize clean living, slow family life, time in the kitchen, and most importantly,

The vast majority of cultures around the world have deep relationships with their food and farmers.

Farm communities all over the world have welcomed and fed me with open arms, inspiring me to do the same in Rock Hill.

If you’re looking for food raised in an honest and beautiful way, Kingdom Gardens is a family-run business who cares about our bodies and the land we live on.

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