Kingdom Gardens

The chicken coop mural located at Kingdom Gardens owned by Hannah, a global agriculture storyteller and first generation farmer

Welcome to Kingdom Gardens

A first-generation regenerative farm
in Rock Hill, South Carolina.
We strive to steward the land like God intended by growing produce using no-spray and no-till methods, rotationally grazing our Organic-fed pasture raised chickens and forest-raised pigs, and working to improve our farm ecosystem by giving more than we take.

I’m thankful for every beautiful day on the farm spent growing food for folks in our community.

Locally grown, nutrient-dense food, adding joy to your kitchens and fueling your family. 

When you eat better, you feel better.

Where to find us

Farm store coming Summer 2024
3700 India Hook Road, Rock Hill, SC

The ultimate way to foster a connection to the farm is to
join us for one of our special on-farm events.
Text Hannah to order your regeneratively raised pork and chicken

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