Heirloom Varieties

When we first started the farm, we didn’t have the customer base we needed, and because of this, we had to sell to grocery stores and wholesalers who weren’t interested in our unique heirloom crops.

I had never been so excited to open a seed order in my life. Like usual, this box was filled with thousands of seeds – amazing heirloom varieties of all shapes, sizes, and colors – but my response was different.

I was able to breathe deep, knowing we would sell out of all of the future veggies that will come from said seeds (a feat we weren’t always able to pull off).

It got me thinking; it’s such a shame that grocery stores don’t offer crops like these.

When we first started the farm, we didn’t have the customer base we needed to sell all of our products, and because of this, we had to sell to local grocery stores and independent wholesalers. It was difficult because they weren’t very interested in any of our unique heirloom crops. They wanted standard grocery items.

Red round tomatoes.

Bicolored sweet corn.

Normal zucchini and yellow squash… (not the several colorful and striped varieties we grow)

they surely didn’t want Christmas pole Lima beans! 

But because we’ve connected with so many of you (foodies and families who are adventurous in the kitchen, willing to try new, fun veggies), we get to grow whatever we want!

Praise the Lord for such a wonderful customer base and group of people who support our local farm and love our mission.

In 2024, you bet we’ll be growing those Christmas Lima beans (endangered) and many other specialty heirloom varieties that offer an array of nutrients and flavors that the grocery store can’t compare to. Thank you for making this possible.

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